Mara Herrero, viviendo “cerquita del paraíso” :)

Mara Herrero, living close to paradise :)

Mara lives in Melbourne and she is in love with the city, its culture and street art. She came to Australia to improve her English and to study for the Cambridge exam.

She describes her life in Australia as “living close to paradise” ☺

This is the interview she gave to AUssieYouTOO:

1. Give us a little intro about yourself (name, age, city…)

My name is Mara, I consider myself a restless person with a special need to learn about life, this is the main reason why I came to Australia and chose a city like Melbourne.

2. How long have you been in Australia?

Three months.

3. Why Australia? How did you end up so far away from home?

I wanted to improve my English a find myself challenged by new things to grow as person. Nothing likes the unknown to make someone improve. Australia is completely new for me.

4. Where do you live? What is your favourite thing about Melbourne?

I chose Melbourne because I love culture in everyday life. Today this city is my favourite one in the world. The best thing has been to live close to the CBD in a neighbourhood with so much life, nothing better than to have a couple of beers close to home.


5. What did you think of the process of travelling to Australia from Spain before you arrived? Has your opinion changed since you landed here?

At the beginning you always think the worst. You know that the process is not cheap but you also know its going to be worth it, so you take the risk. A surprise I had on arrival were the feared Australian customs, I found them much more easier than the ones in the U.S.

6. A classic question: do you work, study or both?

I studied in an English School to prepare myself for the Cambridge Exam. My school was Impact and I loved it. They were very professional and helpful which contribute positively to my period of study.

7. Do you miss something from your hometown?

The truth is I always miss the people and by this I mean my people. The food not much since I try to cook Spanish dishes and always manage to achieve it.

8. What did you think about your AUssieYouTOO COOLaborator?

What do I think…I am speechless! No complains. The truth is I have to congratulate AUssieYouTOO for the amazing job you do. Carla is always very nice and willing to help. Roser made me feel at home since the minute I arrived like a long time friend supporting me through the crazy first days.

9. Would you live in another city in Australia?

This is a trick question or a least it is for me! I am restless and any city can caught my attention as I am capable of getting the most out of every place I go. For now I think Perth could be a nice option!


10. Something you dislike about Australia

I only see two things I don’t like: the fact that I am so far away from my people and the visa difficulties to work.

11. Do you have Aussie friends? What is your opinion of the ones you know?

Fortunately I had the opportunity to live with two Aussies and meet a couple of more Australians. In general they are very nice people always willing to help out!

12. How would you describe your life here?

Living close to paradise!

13. Have you travelled across the country? Can you recommend to us a place that you really liked?

I have done the basic trips that you absolutely have to do when you are here. Sydney is a city with a thousand things to explore. The Great Ocean Road has incredible sunsets. The Springs can be a pleasure to recover from a rough week. I fell in love with Tasmania… My advise is travel as much as you can!

14. Bus, car, train, bicycle or walking?

I love to walk and to discover something new everyday: a building, a new graffiti. But travelling across Australia I have used every form of transport available.

15. Have you tried any new sports such as surfing?

Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to surf but I have continued with the sports I practiced when I was in Spain.

16. When we arrive we all feel a little bit scared as if we were moving to the middle of the jungle…have you seen any exotic animals?

Well for me a wild kangaroo is pretty exotic. I was used to seeing a lot of cows but no kangaroos.

17. What would your advice be for people that just landed in Australia?

Patience. Everything at the beginning is hard but totally worth it!

18. Imagine that your best friend wants to move to Australia…what would you say?

What is taking you so long! Mate don’t waste more time, come over and we will organize a BBQ!

19. Would you change any of the things that brought you here?

No, well…maybe the length of the visa, it was toooooo short!

20. If you had an immigration agent in front of you what would you say?

We make this country a happier place, why do you make it so hard for us to stay?

21. Being 1 the minimum and 10 the maximum score the following:

Your level of English when you arrived: 6
Your level of English now: 8
The city you chose: Faithfull to Melbourne
The people in your city: Lovely
The lifestyle: Unique
Your level of happiness: Maximum
Your level of stress: When you are happy there is no such thing as stress!

22. Write whatever you want:

I want a machine that can move Australia to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean!



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