Living in Perth


Perth is the fourth largest city in Australia with almost 1.7 million inhabitants and it continues to grow at an incredible rate. Although life seems to revolve around the Perth Swan River, the city feels like a conglomeration of large suburbs such as Fremantle, Nedlands or Victoria Park, this makes it very similar to other Aussie cities.

The mining industry is the economic engine of the capital of Western Australia. It is a very important source of income with high revenues and employees working in areas related to it tend to receive very good salaries. This makes Perth an expensive city. However, the tourism industry is also beginning to grow which results in job opportunities within the hospitality industry.

The city is a quiet place with beautiful beaches within short distance and many work opportunities both for casual and part-time jobs as well as professional full time positions. Many people are beginning to move to Perth with the idea of building a professional future, especially those who have careers related to construction and mining as there is always a high demand. For this reason a lot of international students choose Perth so they can make their own way into this beautiful wild corner of the world.

– Mediterranean climate
– Modern, familiar and quiet City
– Good Public transport, easy to move (3 Free lines)
– Many restaurants and cafes.
– Job opportunities
– Surfing!

– Isolated City: far away from the eastern coast
– Most expensive City in Australia.

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