Who we are?

rWhat is AUssieYouTOO.com? We are a group of young people who have spent some time living in Australia and that just like you right now, at the time we were attracted by this fascinating country and we decided to take the leap. Our goal is to provide assistance in this process may now see complicated or far, but with our help will be much easier and bearable.

The traveller
The sweet marketing manager

The Little Marketer

Paula Gusmao
The director of Brazil


Traveller. Positive. Always smiling. Organized. With a huge heart.
Five characteristics that describe Laura perfectly and give you an idea of what it is to have her on the team.

She likes to go unnoticed but her presence is always strong. She is observant, attentive and a quick learner.

With her heart divided in two, between Australia and Spain, she is a pleasure to have around.
Laura has shared her Aussie experience in conferences around Spain, she advises students who want to spend some time down under and she is also an AUssieYouTOO COOLaborator in Byron Bay.

The lovely girl from Valencia

Maria C.

Maria is a teacher from Madrid who always said that if she left Spain she would move to Australia and she was not lying. In love with animals and Gymnastics, Maria spends her time teaching, training and doing volunteer work in animal protection associations. As a good teacher this Spanish girl is by nature a carer and she wants to ensure that all AUssieYouTOO students are having the time of their lives. She joins the team to support our follow up services and to ensure everyone has a good experience in Down Under.

The fOOllower


Maria won an AUssieYouTOO scholarship called #LaBecaDeMiVida, and thanks to it she is currently living in Byron Bay, studying English at BBELS and doing an internship in our Marketing Team. Maria is learning quickly and has become a part of the family. She has a talent for video production and she has her own web-series called #LaBecaDeMiVida, where she explains all the steps she has followed during her Aussie adventure, she also has a blog, with the same name.

When she arrived to Australia she bought a camper van and although it has brought her one or two scary moments she has travelled to the wildest spots of this country.

The winner of #LaBecaDeSuVida

Typical Spanish Man
The happy girl from Chile
The Lovely Girl
The MOM of the TEAM
Laura Gutiérrez
From the Basque Country
The adviser
The patient girl
The AUssie Canary Girl
From Seville in Byron Bay
Living in Sydney
The cute girl
And you
Do you want to be a part of the team?


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