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Are you planning to travel to Australia? is an online support group for international students that want to travel to Australia. We provide free counselling services for people of all nationalities who are interested in studying down under. Our offices are online and we are available through all social media platforms to communicate with you directly and provide you with a unique personalized service.



It’s our philosophy and what has driven us from the beginning. Our services and support are available to all students and travelers completely free of charge.


We are a group of young people from different parts of the world that love to travel. We moved to Australia and we have expertise helping others who want to study and work down under.


When you have reached your destination within Australia an AUssieYouTOO COOLaborator will welcome you and help you settle down in your new city/town. It’s a unique service that makes all the difference when arriving to a new country. Meet our COOLaborators.


We will help you find the course that best suits your needs, expectations and budget. We work with a broad selection of the best Australian schools, institutes and universities located all around the country.

About us

In our latest video Metamorphose, we tell the story about a girl who travels to Australia searching for change.

To reach metamorphose the first thing she needs to do is to get out of her comfort zone. At the beginning everything might seem hard, you may feel alone in an unknown place with a foreign language and without a job but change is your responsibility.
Metamorphose relies only on yourself and your actions.
Open your mind, travel, see new cultures and chase your dreams. Never stop, never settle. Learn a new sport, find a job, break free and make your life an adventure.
This is the only way to achieve change, to metamorphose.
Do you dare?


Mar an Au Pair in Australia!
From San Sebastián to Perth
Mara Herrero, living close to paradise


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AUssieYouTOO offers free services for all students that want to travel to Australia regardless of their nationality or occupation. The only requirement is that you want to travel, study and live an adventure.

Email us at and we will respond ASAP!

IMPORTANT: double check that you have entered your email correctly. If we don’t respond within 48h something went wrong! So please send it again.

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